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The IT CRIMEA technopark has been cooperating with universities to create a system for training experts, who are in demand in the relevant areas of the IT sector. Partnership with leading educational institutions allows to prepare personnel for working in modern IT companies. By adapting higher education to market requirements, the IT technopark participates in shaping the graduates of the universities that meet the relevant demands of IT companies into high-skilled professionals.


The IT CRIMEA technopark is looking to complete the following tasks in terms of partnership with universities:

Active involvement of practical experts in teaching

Organizing and financing research teams work

Creating a system of training in the disciplines which are most advanced and in demand on the basis of the best universities in the Crimea

Creating and elaborating an advanced training system

Organizing regular events and training sessions to improve the level of IT development

Organizing continuous education for employees of the technopark participant companies


As part of the efforts for the development of educational potential, the IT CRIMEA technopark intends to boost international cooperation, knowledge sharing and promotion of internationalization of education in Sevastopol. It will allow to carry out a more comprehensive and deep reform of educational concepts, rebuild the educational system and integrate educational resources, build a large platform for cooperation, scientific exchange and staff training. The technopark plans to reinforce and actively build relationship with local universities, the universities in the Russian Federation and in the world.

Continuous development in the field of education

Participation in international competition

Tracking the development trends in global science and technology

Together with the employer association represented by resident companies of the IT technopark and representatives of secondary general and professional education institutions and universities, it is planned to establish a self-regulatory organization included in the IT CRIMEA technopark.

For the existing companies, the IT CRIMEA technopark provides an opportunity for employee training in professional development courses, with their training costs reimbursed.

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